Recall Alerts

23 million baby-related
products recalled in 2014
and only 4 million births

Consider those two numbers.
That means for every birth, 6 baby products have recalls attached to them.
There's a strong chance you've got a few your home. 
How do you stay up on all these hidden and lurking dangers?  (I'm not exaggerating, product-related-deaths happen every year.)
You can sign up for updates from the CPSC, and get a flood of emails several times a week.  
That's one option. 
But the CPSC isn't going to notify you of medicine, formula, or baby food formulas. When baby wipes sold at Walgreens, Sam's Club, and other popular stores were recalled for bacteria contamination in 2014, it wasn't listed in the CPSC emails. 
And the CPSC isn't going to notify you when companies voluntarily recall their products without government intervention.  Like the 3.9 million car seats recalled by Graco and Evenflo in 2014. 
I will, though.
I take all the recalls, from everywhere, and put them in a single easy-to-follow document that shows pictures, gives details, and offers instructions on how to get refunds, replacements, or repair kits. 
Then I send out a monthly email listing exactly which products were recalled, so you can determine whether you need to open the Recall Report and get more details.  
I will also share with you the Recall Report archives, so if you get a hand-me-down or go garage sale shopping, you can see right away if those older products are still safe. 
Safety confidence for your past purchases. 
Safety assurance for your new purchases.
It's the perfect balance. 
Sign up to the right and get monthly notifications and instant access to the Baby Product Recall Archives all for free. 
Safe searching,